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NBA Championship Odds as of Dec 30th

Here's a look at the NBA Championship Odds as of December 30th, heading into the new year. This graphic shows all the bookmakers and in the table below the Implied Odds are averaged into a graphic.

Top 5 by Probability:

  1. Boston Celtics: 23.2% implied championships odds, priced at average $4.32.

  2. Denver Nuggets: 19.6% implied odds, priced at $5.12.

  3. Milwaukee Bucks: 18.7% implied odds, priced at $5.36.

  4. Phoenix Suns: 8.8% implied odds, priced at $11.50.

  5. Los Angeles Clippers: 8.0% implied odds, priced at $12.62.

Popular Teams with No Chance:

  • Los Angeles Lakers: 5.6% implied championship odds, priced at $17.88 (6th position).

  • Golden State Warriors: 3.3% implied odds, priced at $29.75 (10th position).

  • Brooklyn Nets: 0.3% implied odds, priced at $327.25 (21st position).

Teams getting No Love:

Now for some teams that are doing well, or you might think they have championship odds but have low win probabilities from Vegas. The two Western Conference leaders, the Thunder and Timberwolves, are getting no love from Vegas!

  • Timberwolves rank in at number 7 with 5.5% chance to win it

  • Thunder rank in at number 8 probability to win it with 3.76%

  • Not much Love for Luka Magic with him and the Mavs at 3.76%.

Overall Odds Table:

The overall table for Implied Odds and the Price averaged across all brokers are below, based on the Odds-API.

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