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Kyrie Irving with the Dallas Mavericks: Talent, Tenacity, and the Trial of Injuries

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

As Kyrie Irving transitioned to the Dallas Mavericks, expectations were sky-high. Known for his dazzling playmaking and scoring abilities, Irving’s move was more than just another trade; it was a statement. His first full seasons with the Mavericks, 2022 and 2023, showcased not only his undiminished skills but also his ability to adapt and shine in a new setting.

Kyrie Irving Dribbling with Mavericks

In the 2022 season, Irving’s scoring prowess was on full display. Averaging an impressive 27.05 points per game, he maintained a near 50% shooting accuracy from the field. This level of efficiency, especially given the high volume of shots, underscored his reputation as one of the NBA’s most lethal scorers. What stood out was his three-point shooting — he netted 188 out of 496 attempts. Although slightly lower than his peak years, a 37.90% accuracy from beyond the arc confirmed that Irving remained a significant threat from distance.

The 2023 season, although shorter for Irving with just 17 games played, was a testament to his consistent shooting abilities. He posted a 47.10% field goal percentage, coupled with a respectable 38.39% from the three-point line. These figures, despite the smaller sample size, affirmed his role as a reliable and potent scorer.

But Irving’s contribution to the Mavericks was far more than just scoring. His playmaking abilities, reflected in his average of 5.52 assists per game in 2022, showed his keen eye for creating opportunities for his teammates. His rebounding numbers, while not eye-popping, were solid for a guard, with averages hovering around 5 rebounds per game.

Another aspect of Irving’s game that deserves mention is his accuracy at the free-throw line. Shooting over 90% in both 2022 and 2023, he demonstrated a calm and composed presence, critical in clutch situations and close games.

The below shows Kyrie’s Field Goal Percentages for all his career — except 2023 on the left in blue. And on the right, the silver distribution shows his 2023 season Field Goal percentages so far.

Analyzing Irving’s tenure with the Mavericks, it’s clear he has been more than just a high-profile acquisition. His ability to score, create, and maintain efficiency has been a boon for the team. His partnership with Luka Dončić, another exceptionally talented player, has likely reshaped the Mavericks’ offensive strategies and dynamics.

Kyrie Irving’s time with the Dallas Mavericks has been a blend of consistent scoring, efficient playmaking, and an overall positive impact on the team. While his stats tell a story of individual excellence, his influence extends beyond numbers, contributing significantly to the team’s overall fabric and aspirations.

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